Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Not so new knife.

I made this for myself as something small to carry. Its a stacked handled knife, something I've been wanting to learn how to do properly for a couple years. At the last Rabbitstick, I took a class on this and learned what I was doing wrong. So, got back home fired up the forge and hammered a rat tailed knife out and stacked bone, wood and leather pieces on the handle with brass spacers. Here is the finished product.

I loved how it turned out and use it a lot when I'm out and about.

New stuff.

Hey guys! Worked out the neck strikers. Going to include two types. A flat hammer striker, and a worked handle one that goes into a hoop. Also, have two types of bags to choose from. A faux buckskin cinch bag, and a open leather bag. Both can have fringe on request.

The faux buckskin cinch bag with the flat hammer striker and tin containing flint and char cloth.

The open leather bag with the worked handle hammer striker and tin containing flint and char cloth.

Later I'll be showing my full size hammer strikers kit.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

How I use my flint and steel hammer striker.

A little short vid of me demonstrating how I use my hammer striker and how well it works.

It's been awhile...

Hey all, sorry been away fro a bit, actually a long bit. Life, new job, crazy hours have distracted me.
Anyho, haven't gotten away from smithing, and made a few things.
Here's some samples.

Here I made a mountain man style knife with steel guard. Handle is leather micarta.

My newest things is making flint and steel strikers that I call hammer strikers. They throw off great sparks either way you strike it. They contain a small tin with flint and char cloth in a faux buckskin bag. They will cost $35, and your choice of faux buckskin or standard leather. AND, you can have it in the cinching style or a pocket on like in the prototype photo below.

This is my prototype Hammer Striker, its a bit smaller than the ones I make, but I love it and make my fires from it.

I got ambitious and tries my hand at making something like a Seax and decided to put a tanto tip on it. Again, I wasn't disappointed. Its overall length is 14 inches 

This is my newest creation. A rattail stacked handled knife. Again, it seems there's nothing I cant do if given enough time and thought.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Root Dagger

Was comissioned to make a root dagger and this is how it turned out. Needless to say, my customer was more than pleased.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hide Fleshers

Here's two hide fleshers I made for anyone who buckskins.

Top view, each equal legnth.

Side view, as you can see, one is curved the other is straight.

Neck Knife

This one is unique as it has leather handle micarta. Have to say, I am very proud of this.